Wednesday 5 June 2013

HO scale figures - tourists on church steps

I really like these newly acquired plastic HO scale figures. They came pre-painted in a half-baked fashion, but that's in the spirit of my impressionistic approach to scenery and buildings.

To check out the effect, placed a few figures on the steps of my ceramic church.

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Alfred Schnittke's Penitential Psalms sung by the Danish National Radio Choir.

Last night's dinner:

Lamb, aubergine and mushroom stew.

This was delicious. I put that down to my bunging in 7 or 8 mushrooms and a whole aubergine, peeled and chopped into approx. 2.5cm cubes. Out of laziness, I did not pre-fry either the mushrooms or the aubergine.

Cost per head: £4.75

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