Saturday 15 June 2013


Before buying provisions in the market, walked around the inside of the church at St Georges-de-Didonne - our nearest town for the next 7 days.

And to my surprise, found inside, a model of the church and its environs to slightly larger than HO scale.

The model inside the church

The real thing
There is no Mass at all this weekend at the church. It's very sad, but there are hardly any priests left in France. So, I'll have to drive half an hour away tomorrow to attend Mass.

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Last night's dinner:
Ate at  one of the camp site restaurants last night. Didn't want anything fancy so had chicken and chips washed down with very low alcohol Breton Cidre.
Cost per head including cider: £12.50
Continuing to read:
And continuing to be hugely amused by  Rupert Everett's memoirs - eg his account  of coming into a room to meet Alan Sugar for the first time for a celebrity edition of The Apprentice (at this point he'd never heard of Alan Sugar)  and wondering why Sid James was sitting behind a big table had me giggling aloud all afternoon.
Everett second from right
Alan Sugar

Sid James


  1. oh no it's Alan Sugar below and Sid James above!
    (adore Rupert Everett's Vanished Years, too)

  2. Oh no! Le sarcasm! (And it keeps getting better - just shifted up a few emotional gears.)