Friday 7 June 2013

Editions Mirontaine

Thick brown envelope arrived from Bordeaux.

It was my fold-up card town square from Mirontaine Editions.

I suspect that it's smaller than HO scale.

There are two possibilities.

Firstly, I could install it on the layout as it is and hope that its smaller size relative to the other buildings suggests that it is in the distance. Seriously, that might work.

Secondly, I could take the card pieces to a professional printer and have them photocopied and enlarged by say 10%.

We'll see.

Currently listening to:

The electronic musician, Robin Rimbaud, who goes under the name of "Scanner".

I became a fan of his when I saw him performing at the Tramway Theatre, Glasgow, a few months ago.

Last night's dinner:

3 scallops, a squid and some spinach
Cost per head: £7.50

Currently reading:

Beginning to find this analysis of La Nausee very satisfying. There are two approaches: one is to examine the philosophical ideas and the other is to look at the literary characteristics of the book. Sometimes these approaches feed off each other.

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