Thursday 6 June 2013

Colleen ie Cecile Schott last night in Glasgow

Continued with some basic wiring under the baseboard. This time it was the pair of cables that will carry power to the platform lighting.

The platform lights still in their boxes

The pair of cables winding their way among the lampposts on top of the baseboard.
There were lots of exposed soldered joints at various points on the cables. The advice is that one should cover these up with insulating tape before installing them under the baseboard because sod's law dictates that two joints would be bound to come into contact with each other thus causing a short circuit.

Exposed joints

Covered up with tape
Next, it was back to coal miner mode.

And using the so-called self-adhesive cable clips AUGMENTED WITH SUPERGLUE, the lighting


cables were installed under the baseboard.

The addition of superglue has transformed these clips into an indispensable device for wiring the layout.

Currently listening to:

Mark Padmore singing Schubert's song cycle Winterreise on BBC Radio 3.

There seem to be two versions of Mark Padmore, with and without locks:

A fine performance. I really enjoy listening to different artists tackling Schubert's two song cycles: The Miller's Song and Winterreise.

In the pre-recital discussion, Mark Padmore talked about the differences between what seem to me two very similar cycles: similar in emotional situation that is.

He said that the Miller's Song is a much more vivid and personal account about unrequited love, whereas Winterreise is more abstract and about despair in general: the tone of the former is tragic whereas the latter is grave.

I like listening to such discussions.

Last night's dinner:

Macaroni cheese sauce with courgettes and sliced tomatoes

Prior to going into oven
 .Cost per head: £1.25

Colleen (Cecile Schott):
To the Recital Rooms at Glasgow City Halls, last night, for a performance by 3 artists.
Got the start time wrong so missed the first act. The second act was John Cavanagh's "Electroscope".
Electroscope from my phone
But the star of the evening was a French singer who goes under the name of Colleen - real name Cecile Schott.
She was actually more of a performer than a singer. She used ancient stringed instruments but ran them (along with her voice) through electronic looping machines and the like. I do not have the words to describe how FANTASTIC she was except to say that she was very rhythmic, melodic and original.

Contingency vs Necessity
Having a bit of difficulty reconciling some views on this issue.
A few days ago, I came across this from the internet which seemed to accord with common sense.
"In philosophy, contingency is usually contrasted with necessity, and it usually refers to a kind of truth.
We call a truth necessary when it is impossible for it to be false.
We call a truth contingent when it DEPENDS ON SOMETHING ELSE for its truth."

But today I read this on p 4 of a commentary on Sartre's La Nausee by Rhiannon Goldthorpe.

"Contingency may provisionally be taken in the accepted sense: the contingent is without reason, without cause and without necessity."


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