Tuesday 29 April 2014

10,000 hours

Painted on to the table cloths of the Preiser cafe tables some light blue spots with either orange or green centres - to simulate the dishes being consumed.

Used acrylic paints.

Verdict: a bit more touching up required PLUS some 3D stand-up objects to simulate jugs and bottles of wine.

Currently listening to:

Daniel Barenboim playing Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 12
Last night's dinner:

Fish, carrot and shallot stew.

Currently reading:

Just finished in quadruple quick time a really fantastic book


No, I haven't just taken up the guitar.
It's the cover of this month's "Psychologist" (the Journal of the British Psychological Society), a journal I have subscribed to for 38 years without ever having read one article - usually I chuck it straight in the bin without taking it out of its wrapper.

But, this month's cover story intrigued me and there was an article inside about the best methods for learning to play musical instruments as an adult.

The conclusion: 10,000 hours practice.

I found this encouraging because that is the only method that will ever help me to learn to play the drums and I'm willing to make the necessary effort.

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