Saturday 19 April 2014

Les marches de la cathédrale

According to the Google translator, "cathedral steps" is "Les marches de la cathédrale" in French. So, I entered that into the Google search bar to find more photos from which I could make an HO scale collage of people standing on the steps of the church on my layout.

So, including yesterday's downloads:

I hope that's enough material to make something out of.

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Leisure Muffin
Last night's dinner:

Take away sweet and sour chicken.
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Easter Saturday:

Only 4 of us at Morning Prayers this Easter Saturday.

I love the church when it's bleakly empty like this.

Miscellany 1:

Saw a play about the life of Ivor Cutler last night at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow.


Miscellany 2:

Cycled through Kelvingrove Park,

and past the University,

 on my way to the Samba drumming class.

Miscellany 3:

Three fried eggs.

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