Tuesday 22 April 2014

Teeny-weeny details - HO scale.

Just realised that these teeny cafe tables will need crockery, cutlery bottles of wine etc.

Holding a table top between my fingers.

As you can see, from the pictures on the back of the box, Preiser do seem to manufacture the requisite dishes etc for the table tops, although, I haven't hunted any down on the internet yet.

I was going to make some myself either from FIMO or teeny pieces of card.

Goodness knows how anyone creates an N scale cafe - N scale being half the size of HO scale.

But here is one:

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Since downloading these Optimo podcasts, my iTunes expenditure has plummeted.

Last night's dinner:

Marinated artichokes, roasted red pepper and lettuce.

Fried potatoes and lemon sole.

 I was extremely pleased with the presentation of this meal. But, it was absolutely tasteless!!

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Sticking with it.

Tried out a hi-hat at my snare drum lesson today.

The pedal (use with left foot if right handed) has a very pleasing action.

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