Monday 7 April 2014

Two SNCF Photos

I was trawling the internet today for photographs of Parisian street scenes - more of that tomorrow, I hope.

While doing that, I came across these two photos of a train travelling between Mulhouse and Paris.

Currently listening to:

Still recovering from yesterday's viewing of Mulholland Drive. For no good reason, I found myself listening today to The Grateful Dead's mammoth "Dark Star" from their Live Dead album. Not at all the right era but it seemed to resonate with the film.

Here's a photograph of the album cover sitting on the railway baseboard a couple of years ago. Things have moved on since then but it's a reminder of how bare that board was at the beginning.

Last night's dinner:

John Dorey

Poached in water and wine vinegar

All bones removed.
Served with artichokes, anchovies and Parmesan
Went to the Library:

No great hopes for any of these.

Cooking tip:

I'm sure everyone knows about these Teflon sheets that can line frying pans. They really do allow you to extend the life of  worn out kitchen cookware.

Worn out frying pan
Teflon sheet - quite an old one, actually
Now the frying pan is good for a few more years.


  1. That fish looks gruesome, maybe delicious but couldn't handle it looking like that!