Wednesday 9 April 2014

Photos as HO scale scenery cont.

Yesterday's attempt at using a downloaded photo of a sign for a nightclub was not wholly successful - the end product was too large for the situation for which it was intended.

Too large

So, I produced a smaller version:

Yesterday's biggie and today's miniature.

Still too large, I fear.
Currently listening to:

Recently, I've downloaded from Rinse FM, 3 separate two hour long shows  by the Glasgow DJ pair, Optimo. The downloads were free and went straight to my iTunes Library.

I now have permanent access to the wealth of fantastic electronic music entrapped within these 3 free programmes. I was almost going to say that I've definitely had my moneysworth from them......... and continue to. In fact, I wake up in the morning looking forward to playing through them again, and again and again.

Last night's dinner:

The same as the night's before because I still had left half of the liver that I'd bought on Monday.

Under red pepper pesto.
Currently reading:

Back to good old Kim. I've decided to return to the beginning of the book and scrutinise the arguments in the light of my  reading on substances and properties.


Yesterday when cycling past Victoria Park, I noticed that Spring had almost sprung.

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