Saturday 12 April 2014

HO scale figures - how to affix them.

Now that all of the signage and lights have been installed in the nightclub street, it's time to populate it with revellers, tourists, a few bohemians and those of an indolent nature.

The street.
The people
There are a few folk dotted around the layout already:

These figures have been held in place with little dots of blu tac.

Like so:

The drawback with that approach is that it's difficult to get my arm down the street between the buildings to insert the figures individually:

So, what I was thinking was that I could prefabricate a thin transparent plastic plinth on which there would be huddles of figures. Then, the plinth could be slid down the street into position.

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Aphex Twin

Last night's dinner:

At the Counting House in Glasgow with a few friends:

The Counting House
I'd forgotten how sumptuous a hamburger can be.
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More online philosophy articles eg

Existence Precedes Essence on Wikipedia


Off to the Mitchell Theatre where Alasdair Gray will talk about his recently published autobiography.

Of course, Gray is a great painter as well as writer.

Pastor Jack Glass - who stuck to his guns.
When my parents moved up to Scotland in the 1950s, my father's first position was in the Stow College of Printing that was located in Cowcaddens - long since knocked down.

Probably a view of Cowcaddens in the 60s

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