Wednesday 16 April 2014

More Plastic Figures

Have purchased some more HO scale plastic figures for the nightclub street.

I've just received an email to say that a pack of HO scale figures that I purchased on eBay yesterday have just been shipped from China and will arrive between the 1st and 19th May!!!!

On their way from China.
I'm finding it difficult to get my head around the idea that a single £4.50 (including P&P) pack of little plastic figures could be specially delivered to the docks in China for one of these giant container ships to carry it across the ocean to Glasgow.

Oh Dear!
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Liver and baked beans
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Russell considers Aristotle to have been a bit of a pedestrian philosopher. Nevertheless, I feel obliged to get to grips with Aristotle's proposals about form, matter, substance and properties - not to mention his views on universals and particulars. All of these concepts are muxed-ip in my consciousness at the moment. (Russell makes the same point about Aristotle!)


Was given permission to practise my Samba drumming at the old school where the Saturday group meet. The kind of snare drum used is far too noisy to practise upon at home.

Quite a space, I must say. Took a thermos flask of tea with me for company.

The noisy drum - note the snare wires are on the top.

As I say, quite a space.

On the way back, cycled through a really impressively painted underpass.


  1. Maybe that was some gloves I ordered for the wedding and coming from China that fell off the ship, hope not.

  2. I hope your figures arrive safely, my package cost the same price, just chased up as 4 weeks seemed a long time and unfortunately have had confirmation that they are lost in transit!