Saturday 5 April 2014

Fiddly task successfully completed

The 12 volt power supply to a pair of lampposts outside a "nightclub" had been disrupted by a disconnection beneath the baseboard.

This morning I repaired the broken connection. I'd set aside 3 weeks for this task, but in the end completed it in 25 minutes. And, instead of using solder, I used a choc bloc to re-connect the two wires.

The wires to be connected.

Connection made using a choc bloc
The lights work.

Now for some general views of the nightclub street.

Currently listening to:

Hoagy Carmichael
What a FANTASTIC and prolific song writer he was.

Last night's dinner:

Fray Bentos Chicken and Mushroom pie with peas.
An absolutely delicious meal AND I finished Chris Mullin's diaries.

Currently reading:

These diaries cover the same era and parliamentary affairs as Chris Mullin's. Oona King and Chris Mullin were colleagues, although I don't recall her being mentioned in his diaries.

Deeply unimpressed.

Perhaps coming to her diaries so soon after the brilliance of Chris Mullin's writing was bound to show Oona King's to disadvantage. But, my main objection is that the entries don't see seem like diary entries. The book reads like recollections written years later and then sub-divided into short sections with a day and a date stuck on. The tense seems all wrong.


A lonely church on the Isle of Barra.

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