Tuesday 8 April 2014

Using downloaded photos for HO scale scenery

Enlarged photographs of landscapes are commercially available as backdrops for model railways.

And of course, I've used photographs of people sitting in cafes for a similar effect.

Therefore, in order to flesh out my nightclub street, I thought I'd download photos of posters, hotel and bar signs etc, reduce them to the appropriate size, mount them on card and stick them somewhere in the street.

Actually, I wasn't that successful in finding suitable images; found these, though.

Started with this one, cut it out and mounted it on some card.

Not sure where I'll put it.

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An absolutely sensational piece of music: "Ich bin meine maschine" by Uwe Schmidt

Uwe Schmidt

A German young fogey
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Liver, red pepper pesto and rice.
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Hopeless: everyone of them. I'm in despair.

My sugar intake is creeping up again - I shouldn't have bought this yesterday.

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