Monday 14 April 2014

What do pedestrians look like?

I'm going to populate the nightclub street with dozens of little HO scale plastic figures.

The street.

The figures.
But, some thought is required about positioning and clustering these figures otherwise there is going to be no tension in the scene; it could end up looking like just a lot of plastic figures gathered in one place. The figures must be in nightlife mode.

Therefore, I scoured the internet for photos of real people with real purposes moving about streets and pavements - some at night and some not.

I've put a little caption under each photograph indicating what aspect of being a pedestrian the photo is illustrating.

Selling hot chestnuts

A couple being a couple.

Street crowd - moving in opposing directions


People eating on the hoof and people looking sideways as they pass a shop/cafe.

Crossing the street. and parked cars.

Street musician.

Queueing - how do people angle themselves in a queue

Queueing - spilling onto the street.

By the way, I looked up how to spell queueing or queuing. Apparently both versions are still prevalent. Someone claimed that "queueing" has the longest series of consecutive vowels in a word.

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Leisure Muffin, himself.
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Carrots and shallots in tomato and wine sauce.
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Wherein Sartre outlines his doctrine of "existence preceding essence".

Quite difficult to understand - but, I'll come back to it.


Took the car to Schoneville Saab. I like this garage. You can speak to the person actually working on the car. This was for a little £25 repair. Apparently, Saab are still on the go but only producing cars for the Chinese market.

Similar to our car - the 93.

But this is my favourite style - the 96.

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