Wednesday 23 April 2014

Preiser HO scale cafe tables.

Spent an hour last night gluing teeny little spindly plastic legs onto microscopic plastic table tops.

A reminder of what the end product should look like.

Currently listening to:

I don't have the CD whose cover is  pictured below, also by Scientist, but what a cover it is.

Last night's dinner:

Vegetable pakora
My wife's chicken tikka
My chicken curry.
All the above eaten at the Shenaz restaurant, Glasgow.

Currently reading:

The Mitchell Library
In desperation last night, went to one of the largest libraries in Western Europe - the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and with half-closed eyes chose 4 books from the fiction shelves totally at random. I didn't even look at their titles when the librarian was processing them at the desk.

My reasoning was that since I'm incapable of choosing decent books with my eyes fully open, this random method might be more successful.

It wasn't - all of them were utterly hopeless.



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