Tuesday 15 April 2014

HO scale plastic figures

Continuing with the task of finding HO scale figures that will bring to life my nightclub street - see yesterday's blog for more details.

Today, I sorted the plastic figures that I do have into 3 categories:

1) not-relevant eg seated, with walking sticks or children.

2) standing

3) walking

Walkers in top row; standing in bottom row.

Close up.

The problem is that the walking figures (top row) aren't always obviously walking and those that are, are carrying bags of some sort - more passengers than nighttime revellers.

Also, all the walking figures are male.

Also, there are no figures that are walking and looking sideways at the same time.

I will have to augment what I have. Therefore I made two purchases on eBay.

Merrymakers from the German firm, Faller

Figures from some Chinese supplier
But, I'm going to do some more research as to what's available.

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The latest 2 hour mix from Optimo on Rinse FM.

Last night's dinner:

Rib-eye steak, cabbage and potatoes
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Got 2 new autobiographies from library:

Chicken and tomato rolls for lunch.
The Janet Street-Porter memoir is well written, but her life repulses me so I won't go any further with it.

God knows what the other one will be like.


More pictures of the Saab 96 V4.

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