Friday 4 April 2014

A fiddly little task in the offing.

A big advantage of making prefabricated  lighting units for the layout is that if a disconnection occurs or a light bulb needs replacing, one doesn't have to crouch under the baseboard to rectify things.

Unfortunately,  a wire supplying power to a pair of lampposts outside my "nightclub" has come loose. These lights were installed before I had the idea of  prefabrication and so under the baseboard I will have to go - but not today, thank-you very much.

The power-deprived lampposts
The broken connection
Imagine how awkward (not to mention hazardous) it's going to be re-soldering this connection from under the baseboard.

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Romanthony: 1967 to 2013
Romanthony had one of the best pop voices in pop music. Indeed, his was the voice on Daft Punk's "One More Time".

He recorded much of his stuff for a Glasgow based record label whose owner lived just round the corner from me.

So, I was quite shocked today, when looking on the internet for details of his current recordings, to discover that Romanthony died from kidney failure last year.

Link to obituary in the Guardian.

Last night's dinner:

In pouring rain walked and bussed myself to the "Asian Gourmet Restaurant" last night.

Passed this pair of hand rails poking up through the ground.

An underground public convenience long since closed.

The entrance to the the restaurant was somewhat similar......... but open.

There was an A4 sheet of paper stuck to the door announcing that payment was to be by "Cash Only".

Once inside: excellent service; excellent food and very reasonably priced. A mixture of Chinese and Glaswegian diners.

An uneatable free starter - far too spicy.
An utterly pretentious book of poems - but it fitted easily into my anorak pocket

Chicken noodle soup - very good.
I asked for a knife and fork and ordered sweet and sour pork. I wanted a pork dish and this was the only one where the pork was sliced rather than shredded. I don't like shredded meat - it stays stuck between one's teeth for days afterwards.

Very pleasant experience. Next time I'll have their duck in orange sauce.

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Stanford Online Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on the nature of "Substance".


Throughout Lent I've been attending Stations of the Cross on Wednesday and Friday evenings at St Paul's, Whiteinch.

There weren't many there on Wednesday. Doubt there will be more tonight.

Last Wednesday evening

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