Thursday 10 April 2014

Nightclub premises signs finished.

Completed the set of premises signs for the nightclub street. Found a label from an old wine bottle that I thought would make a great sign; scanned it, reduced it in size, mounted it on card and super-glued it to the wall of the building.

Then did the same with the other signs which had been made following a similar process but from photos downloaded from the internet.

Wine label
Scanned and reduced.

Various views of the street.

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Optimo - they look such happy chaps.
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Banana sandwiches
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Miscellany x 3:

1. Last night, cycled into the Mitchell Library for a talk by Harry Freedman about the Talmud. Q and A afterwards and I asked a question. I wish I wouldn't but I can't help myself - seems like a wasted evening if I don't hear the sound of my own voice.

Inside the Mitchell

2. This afternoon cycled to two new art galleries under and next to some railway arches.

Only place that had an anchoring point for padlock.

The arches.

Gallery no 1.

Exhibit in Gallery no 1.

SWG3 - gallery no 2 - photos not allowed inside.
3. Tonight we are going to separate talks at Mitchell Library:

Wife to hear Margaret Drabble:

Me to hear Mary Midgely:


  1. Really nice signs, like how they have turned out.

    So what question did you fail to resist asking?

    :-) Stuart

  2. What status does the Mishna(h) hold in contemporary Talmudic Studies? Answer: the same it always has.

    Thanks for comments about signage, Stuart.

    PS Essex Warrior photos are excellent.