Friday 25 April 2014

Preiser HO scale cafe people - seated.

Made a start on gluing the HO scale Preiser diners onto their teeny-weeny Preiser chairs.

Have a look at these photos:

Preiser chair

Preiser figure.

The figures must be glued to the seats.

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Golden Teacher
Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take photograph, but it was a take-away Chicken Chow Mein; here's an image from the Web of somebody else's meal.

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Back to the Mitchell Library this afternoon.

Mitchell Library
And this time chose the books from the "Recent Releases" section - plus one randomly chosen from shelf.

Here's hoping!

My Chinese HO scale figures arrived today way in advance of their predicted time of arrival. In fact, they didn't come by container ship, they came "Par Avion".


  1. These little figures look good seated and the table cloths look realistic, well done for persevering.

  2. Fairly successful session, I must say.