Wednesday 3 September 2014


I want some kind of dark, urban structure to stand at the end of one of the streets on my diorama to draw the eye in the way the big church does in this photo.

But for practical reasons I've ruled out moving my church into this position on the layout and the theatre facade is "too white" to serve the purpose.

The theatre doesn't do the job.

So, the church and theatre are back as they were.

My brainwave was to look for some sort of iron or steel lattice structure that could sit at the end of the street without getting in the way of the church or the theatre. With that in mind I have been searching the internet for suitable Parisian candidates.

So far, they are all railway related but I haven't had time to do much searching today.

The last two are actually in Spain, but that doesn't matter; historical accuracy has never been an issue with this layout; it's impression that counts.

The idea would be to have a supporting tower planted firmly at the end of the street creating the same impression as the church facade does in the very top photograph on this page.

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A mix made by my regular drum tutor and his brother (surname: Pitt).

Pitt vs Pitt


Last night's dinner:

Trout and tin of ratatouille
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Bogey's dead so onto Sinatra.
Drumming practice update:

Had another specialist lesson with my Caixa tutor, Roddy.

Cycled to the venue on the south side of Glasgow.

Unimpressive from the outside.
And I learned something absolutely crucial about my left hand technique. Basically, I am rotating my wrist to lift the stick from the moment my left arm rises in the air away from the drum. INSTEAD, one should raise the arm first and only when the arm has reached its highest point should one rotate the wrist to give the stick its height.


On the way back from church this morning.

A greener view of Glasgow!

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