Tuesday 2 September 2014

More humming and hawing.

Yesterday, I reported my desire to capture a particular view when looking down one of the streets of my diorama - namely, a dark urban canyon with an imposing church facade at the bottom of it.

Comme ca
To achieve this I would have to either move the ceramic church from its current position  - a massive task, or move another building into position at the bottom of the street.

So, I tried the latter and shifted the theatre.

The current situation.

The theatre rotated through 90 degrees to block the end of the street (canyon).

The theatre is not a dark enough presence, I'm afraid.
I've just noticed that in the photograph at the top of this page, the church is not at right-angles to the end of the street. If I decide to move the church then I could try an angled location.

I'll sleep on it.

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Supermarket curry.
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Sticking with it.

Almost weeping as she writes about Bogart's long painful dying at home.
Drumming practice update:

Usual Tuesday session with my drum tutor.

Today we moved on to doubles ie two quick strokes but only one arm action - a kind of bounce.

Requires practice but is a significant step forward in building an armoury of strokes.


Cycled along the side of the Clyde and on a whim called in at the SECC Box Office and bought two tickets for "Still Game" at the Hydro in a couple of weeks. No queues and no booking charges. 

The Hydro
On the way back passed this scooter standing at the side of the road.

They are elegant.

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