Monday 29 September 2014

HO scale card models continued

Glued the attic/garret windows and chimney stacks into position.

Well, it had to be done OR every little bit helps.

What it should end up like.
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Glasgow University's student radio station.

Last night's dinner:

Lamb chops and fried potatoes with mint.

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Michael Palin's diaries on Kindle.
Drumming practice update:

Concentrating on the right hand technique and trying to kill that habit I had of manipulating the stick through wrist movements.

Instead, one should hold the stick very loosely between thumb and first two fingers (as if one was holding a kitchen knife) and, keeping the forearm and wrist in line, move the forearm/wrist up and down so that the stick swings up on the up-swing, purely as a result of the momentum of the entire forearm/wrist moving upwards.

Spent an hour practising this.


Cycled to People's Palace at Glasgow Green for a roll and sausage.

The hand-drier in the toilets is utterly feeble - is there any excuse for that in these days of Dyson Blades etc.

Desisted this invitation under a bridge.
Nelson's Column, Glasgow Green
 There's a fine model of People's Palace and its surrounds within, not sure what scale it is.

On the way back, these people whizzed by:

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