Wednesday 24 September 2014

Window shopping.

No time for railway today so browsed internet to see what French HO scale locos had recently appeared on the market. Found this beauty from Jouef who I think are now owned by Hornby. Although, I am sure that I read somewhere that all these model makers are in financial difficulties.

SNCF, electric locomotive 2D2 5409

The real thing.
Must find out where and when this machine plied its trade.

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Last night's dinner:

Courgettes and rice.
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This month's "Africa" magazine
Drumming practice update:

Last night's Tuesday Samba drumming class was great.

Unfortunately Roddy, my samba specialist tutor did not turn up for my 1-to-1 session this afternoon. Abject apology received shortly thereafter.

However, the cycle out to the place was hugely enjoyable.

A very purposeful (and rare) vessel on the Clyde.

Squinty bridge.

Under the M74 flyover.

The practice venue.

Ma bicyclette

Directly across the road.

Enrolled in a free online University course on logic today.

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