Thursday 18 September 2014

Michael Palin's Diaries vol 3.

A surprising and total loss of internet connection for most of the afternoon and evening.

Anyway, I opened the packet that contains the cut-out card model of an HO scale Parisian corner building.

Looks promising.

Currently listening to:

If Scotland votes tomorrow for independence, I hope we will not be lumbered with traditional ie "awful" Scottish music, but instead immerse ourselves in the advanced electronic stuff that has come out of Glasgow over the last 20 years eg

Last night's dinner:

No time for photo because I was rushing out for my Samba drumming class, but it was a bowl of plain spaghetti, like this:

Currently reading:

I'm enjoying M. Palin's diaries. But, they are utterly anodyne compared with the life-stories in these two books that I read during the summer:

Drumming practice update:

How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Hugely enjoyed an hour's worth of sight-reading the exercises in:

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