Monday 15 September 2014

French HO scale card buildings

Arrived today through the post, this HO scale corner building which I ordered simply because I liked the picture on the website. But once I've folded it up, I will find a place for it on the layout.

In a corner position, adjoining two other buildings
Maybe I'll locate it here.
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Glad I've rediscovered this CD which has been sitting in a cupboard unplayed for 10 years.
Last night's dinner:

Roast beef in a mustard sauce plus 3 veg
I find roasting beef to be a very hit and miss affair. So, this time I poured some oil over the joint, let it sit for 20 minutes and then wrapped it in foil and placed it in a VERY hot oven for 90 minutes; for the last 10 of which, the foil was peeled back. My theory is that the foil prevents the meat drying out. The result was most acceptable; but might have been anyway, regardless of how I'd cooked it.

Today's lunch:

Roll mop herring plus salad.
Currently reading:

More on predicate logic:

Ultimately, I'm hoping to analyse such sentences as: "Any experience of consciousness entails consciousness of 'I'."

Drumming practice update:

For some reason I wasn't in the mood today but forced myself to do an hour's worth in front of the mirror.

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