Tuesday 9 September 2014

Progress on two fronts.

Made progress on the yellow Lego corner block.

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Last night's dinner:

Steak pie plus salad.

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I wish she would get on with it.

Drumming Practice Update:

Really enjoyed my drumming lesson this morning with Laurie. I really feel that I'm making progress.

Today, we really got into "doubles" ie where you let the stick bounce twice for each stroke. I really feel that I have conquered the basics of this and that further practice will really develop the skill.

Playing doubles adds speed and texture to one's drumming.

Also, we're going to start doing some exercises with notation and I have ordered this book from the internet which we will work from.

What with the exercises for moving my legs to a count of 4 (see yesterday's blog), I feel optimistic about the future development of my drumming.

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