Friday 5 September 2014

More radical humming and hawing.

There is something not right about the way I have arranged the buildings around about the church.

A lucky accident: I lifted the theatre and its Lego backing and then dumped the theatre back down, for want of anywhere else to put it, in approximately the same position but at an angle to the church and behind it.

Another change will be to position the yellow building at right angles to the railway tracks (I'll have to make it narrower to fit in, of course).

This will also achieve the objective of  providing something for the eye to look at when one squints down the street.

The canyon is back on track.

So: two birds with one stone.

It would never have occurred to my autistic mind to position buildings at an angle to each other - I adhere to the grid theory of town planning. But of course when confronted with the angled arrangement I can immediately see its merits.

Currently listening to:

I've neglected my listening to Samba recordings for some months despite the fact that I know that such listening is an essential ingredient to imbibing the Samba groove which will then hopefully infect my Samba drumming.

So, redressed this today.

Last night's dinner:

A real triumph - red snapper with cous cous.

I decided to cook the fish in the oven slowly, immersed in water and white wine vinegar - easy and fool-proof.

Currently reading:

The above autobiography by "Carry On" star Joan Sims. She is an Essex girl and attended two schools in Essex in one of which my young sister taught.

With Kenneth Williams
Drumming practice update:

Continuing with practice in front of a mirror to monitor my arms moving up and down.

Always practise to music or an online metronome of some sort; never unaccompanied.

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