Thursday, 11 September 2014

Roof finished on Lego building.

Finished roof on Lego corner block.

Inserts for doors and windows of restaurant still to be made.
Currently listening to:

January edition of the Optimo podcast on Rinse FM.

Last night's dinner:

Fantastic meal at what might become a favourite haunt, The Cornhill House Hotel near Biggar.

Smoked salmon coronets

Lamb shanks

This morning's hotel breakfast:

Finished reading:

Continuing to read:

About to re-read:

This covers the same period as Bacall's book. Interesting to compare.

Drumming practice update:

Did an hour of stick practice followed by 20 minutes of walking round room with drum  - the latter is still difficult for me.


Yesterday we had a scintillating cycle around Clydesdale and then overnight at the fantastic Cornhill House Hotel.

 Tinto is for me what that hill-shape was for Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

A fly fisherman up to his waist in the Clyde.

The piers for the old railway line from Coulter to Symington.

View from Hotel bedroom window.


  1. You can always rely on lego and the Scottish countryside.

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