Thursday, 11 September 2014

Roof finished on Lego building.

Finished roof on Lego corner block.

Inserts for doors and windows of restaurant still to be made.
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January edition of the Optimo podcast on Rinse FM.

Last night's dinner:

Fantastic meal at what might become a favourite haunt, The Cornhill House Hotel near Biggar.

Smoked salmon coronets

Lamb shanks

This morning's hotel breakfast:

Finished reading:

Continuing to read:

About to re-read:

This covers the same period as Bacall's book. Interesting to compare.

Drumming practice update:

Did an hour of stick practice followed by 20 minutes of walking round room with drum  - the latter is still difficult for me.


Yesterday we had a scintillating cycle around Clydesdale and then overnight at the fantastic Cornhill House Hotel.

 Tinto is for me what that hill-shape was for Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

A fly fisherman up to his waist in the Clyde.

The piers for the old railway line from Coulter to Symington.

View from Hotel bedroom window.

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  1. You can always rely on lego and the Scottish countryside.