Friday 19 September 2014

Cutting out HO scale card models

Continuing with the construction of the new HO scale card building.

Very much a craft knife session today as I worked on the roof sections.

Currently roofless.

Cutting out some aperture or other.

The roof.
Currently listening to:

I'd forgotten about this 2004 double CD that has been sitting in my record cupboard for the past decade.

"How to Kill the DJ" by Optimo.

Absolutely excellent and eclectic with a capital E.

Tracks from Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood to Liaisons Dangereuses.

The first track on the second CD is the theme to the film, "Mulholland Drive" - probably the most powerful cinematic experience I've ever had. The opening moments of the track brought flooding back all the associated emotion of watching that film.

The composer of said theme music.
Last night's dinner:

John Dorey and a homemade vegetable terrine
Today's lunch:

Fried eggs and black pudding.
Currently reading:

Beginning to get addicted to Palin's smooth style.... just one more entry and then I'll go to sleep.

Drumming practice update:

My approach is to play the exercises to the accompaniment of a metronome. At first 80 BPM but now I'm up to 190 BPM (beats per minute).


Off to see "Still Game" at Glasgow's Hydro tonight. Will it translate from TV to the stage? Our seats are so far back that we'll depend on the big screens.

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