Sunday 28 September 2014

The French Tricolore - as HO scale scenery

Not fully satisfied with the Lego superstructure behind the ceramic theatre - it presents too blank a facade. So, I thought I'd try filling the two vertical white spaces with a hanging tricolore of some kind - it is the National Theatre ........ after all.

The two blank spaces to be filled.
Coloured a strip of paper with pens.

Looks much better - but one tricolore is back to front!!!
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Teresa Berganza
Last night's dinner:

Cheap half bottle of Champagne from Lidl's to make Kir Royale

Too much like Creamola Foam - will stick to the plebeian version next time.

Beef Stroganof with a cheap cut of beef.
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Drumming practice update:

I honestly think I'm getting somewhere with my Caixa technique.

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