Saturday 27 September 2014

More agonising over the scenery.

No doubt a classic problem in many if not all walks of life; a surfeit of riches to choose from.

Managers of football teams are supposed to be overjoyed when they have more good players for the positions they have to fill; "That's a good problem to be faced with!" But actually, they must be as exercised as I am having to fit all these HO scale buildings into the limited area of available baseboard.

In particular, I have had reservations about relegating the beautifully detailed card models that I have of Parisian buildings to the area in front of the station facade. I did this to allow the Lego buildings and the ceramic theatre facade (and I'm hell bent on placing the theatre somewhere since I went to the trouble of buying the damn thing!) to occupy the space next to the ceramic church. And I placed them there because I felt that their glossy finish better matched the glossy finish of the ceramic church than did the matt finish of the card buildings.

The reservations I have regarding the card buildings in their current position is that you can't see them to their best advantage. However, I have abutted the new (and currently unfinished) card building to the long town square complex AND re-located the three trees and I think the problem may be solved.

The church plus theatre and Lego stuff.

The card buildings whose location I'm agonising over

Amended arrangement.

Maybe now the trees are suffering!
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Stupendous supermarket chicken curry.
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The phrase, "Works hard, plays hard", comes to mind when I read these diaries. I was also quite impressed with the career choice facing one of his children on leaving University - maybe film school, maybe writing, maybe... Quite right too, but also quite different from most children I have known whose choices would have been such things as  accountancy, nursing, teaching, call centre, management, graphic design etc.

Drumming practice update:

Found this morning's Saturday morning Samba class very challenging. On the Surdo for 50% of the time and I can't retain the very simple stick pattern in my short term memory. It's only a loop of 2-beats and then 1-beat, but it's retaining from one minute to the next a sound-picture of the groove and emphases that I find almost impossible. Took a film of the tutor playing the pattern so that I can practise at home. Hope that does the trick.

Some people love the Surdo!!

Completed the first assessment of my online Logic course. You get two attempts. I got 80% on the first go, which is 20 out of 25. I simply could not see where I had gone wrong. Tried again and got 100% - different set of questions, of course.

Obviously, at a very elementary level!

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