Saturday 6 September 2014

Getting the scale right

Every now and again, I wonder if I have depicted the Eiffel Tower in the right scale for the HO scale buildings of my diorama. Is it too big, it too short? How far away is it supposed to be?

I came across this photograph on the web yesterday. I'll have to mull over this so that I am comparing like with like ie like viewpoint with like viewpoint.

First reaction is that my tower is too big. But, on closer inspection of the scene in the photograph, the tower is actually at the end of a very long street and its first platform is indeed in line with, if not higher than, the rooftops there.

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Only one of them left, but still going strong.

Last night's dinner:

Chicken curry at the Shenaz Restaurant.

Outside the Shenaz afterwards.
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Considering buying this book from Amazon for my Kindle. I enjoyed the free sample delivered to my Kindle. But I am trying to get books from the Library instead of paying for them from Amazon. But the Library didn't have it. I'll try and be patient and request if from another branch.

Drumming practice update:

At the Saturday morning Samba drumming class I was assigned to a big Surdo - we're embarking upon a new piece.

Mixed feelings - I still feel I need all the practice I can get on the Caixa, but it is good to try other instruments so that one gets a more comprehensive feel for what Samba rhythms are.

Didn't really enjoy it: it's heavy and the steel edges dug into my left shin.

A Surdo

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