Thursday 4 September 2014

Continuing the search for a focal point.

Sifted through the internet for HO scale structures that could be planted at the end of a street on the layout to draw the eye when one looks down it.

Here are some results - not completed the search yet.

None of this will make sense unless the blog episodes from the last few days are read first.

A definite possibility.


The actual tower that the above model is based on.

What about a fountain?

Also came across these fruit and veg boxes that I could place outside one of my shops to add some texture.

Made by Faller of Germany.
Currently listening to:

Mitsuko Uchida playing Schubert's piano sonata No 20.
Last night's dinner:

Liver in pesto, beetroot and salad

Currently reading:

An unusually disappointing article on different kinds of "definition" in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Usually this is a source of lucidly written articles on difficult philosophical topics: this one is opaquely written on a relatively straightforward topic.

Drumming practice update:

Been practising the new left arm movement (described yesterday). My motivation is back in abundance; I feel I'm actually learning something specific as opposed to something approximate and that therefore it is worth devoting hours of practice to getting it right.

Left arm motion.


Cycled to the fishmonger. Could be anywhere.

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