Monday 1 September 2014

More cycling.

No time for railway today - too tired, one way or another.

But one thought I did have was that I wouldn't like to lose a vista similar in feel to the one in the photo below. This is a view that I have often come across in French cities: looking down a dark canyon of flat fronted buildings to an enormous church facade, dominating, at the bottom.

This is where I want such an effect on my layout.

See red arrow.
The canyon's fine but where is the dominating edifice at the bottom?
I'll have to fix this.

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Lamb chops, fried potato in mint sauce.
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Drumming practice update:

Despite being leg-weary after cycle, managed 45 minutes in front of the mirror.


Went to see Scotland's newest tourist attraction, "The Kelpies", near Falkirk.

Everything is impressive about these statues, except the preposterous sentiment behind them. Kelpies! Nobody in Scotland gives two hoots (mon) about such a load of old cobblers.

Anyway, it gave us a pretext for 2 hours' cycling along the Forth and Clyde canal.

One Kelpie

Two Kelpies.

They are impressive to behold.

As is this operation.

Closing the slats of the gates.

Down she goes.

Opening the RHS gate.

And now the LHS gate.

And off she goes.

And, along the canal we went.

Couldn't get away from the horses.

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