Monday 1 December 2014

The Kelvin Hall, Glasgow

A feather-weight package arrived from France today - presumably with my little HO scale Chausson buses inside.

I presume from the label which sports pictures of some little yellow paper aeroplanes that it came by airmail.

What I hope will be inside:

Currently listening to:

Optimo at FabricLive - a tremendous 90 minute podcast that I've listened to many times over last 10 days.

Last night's dinner:

Black pudding, fried tomatoes and boiled potatoes with a sprinkling of cheese.
Currently reading:

Since it only cost £3.32 to download to my Kindle, I purchased and have read the first gruesome chapter of:

Very well written but a bit too frightening for me.
Drumming practice update:

Text message from my regular drum tutor. He's back in the UK after his sojourn in Belize and tomorrow we resume lessons. I hope he notices an improvement in at least one aspect of my playing!!

Did an hour's hand to hand RL RL RL practice today.

Miscellany 1:

Cycled to the University this morning to enrol in a Philosophy course that begins in January:

"Existentialism and the Human Condition."

Looks like one of those chaps from Optimo.
Miscellany 2:

On the way back home, I cycled past the Kelvin Hall which is being reduced to an empty shell in preparation for a complete overhaul.

Aerial view.
Over the last 45 years I've been to a variety of events and concerts at the Kelvin Hall.

Ella Fitzgerald and the Count Basie Orchestra

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Curved Air

Luis Palau
Miscellany 3:

Off to the cinema to see this film. It gets great write-ups but the trailers I've seen have been a bit (if you'll forgive the pun) wooden. I'll treat it as a cinematic lecture in Faith.

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