Wednesday 10 December 2014

Choosing colours

I've never been good at selecting combinations of colours in any context. I use the word 'combination' because colours never appear in isolation; there is at least always a background and a foreground.

So begins the agonising over what colour to choose for the pavement running in front of the Gare du Nord.

What would help to make a judgment is if I tidied up that area of the layout. So I did.

Still none the wiser: the green might be OK. I'm going to think about it.

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Forfar Bridie

Avec beans
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Thought Henry Marsh might look something like this
Drumming practice update:

Fantastic Samba drumming session at last night's class.

Then during my hour's practice today I had a strong sensation that I had reached a critical mass of practice and familiarity with the equipment of  sticks and drum: a definite sense of at easeness.

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