Thursday 4 December 2014

Some miscellaneous pictures of French toy trains etc

Pleasantly busy today, so railway made no progress.

Here are some pictures instead. I chose them at random from my "My Pictures" library.

Tin plate clockwork model.

Card model


Collection of HO scale model vehicles

Wonderful painting by Delauney

Train set in a suitcase - Z scale, I think.

Hope my HO scale JEP version of this will look as good when I unwrap it on Christmas morning.
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Last night's dinner:

Similar to one of these.
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Rather amusing and actually quite uplifting

One chapter at a time is all I can bear.
Drumming practice update:

The only way I can think of to train myself away from using my wrists to operate the drum sticks and depend more upon forearm movement is to tie a rope around my waist pinning my upper arms to my side and then, using a metronome, practise the drum patterns by moving my forearms up and down with clench fists. The soft back of a chair is the only comfortable surface available for striking. Hopefully I can build up the much vaunted "muscle memory" in the arena of forearm movements.

The use of the rope is to satisfy my Tuesday night tutor's strictures about keeping the arms close to the torso at all times. I have a tendency to play with bowed arms.

As soon as I place a stick in my hand, my wrist automatically rotates to cause it to move - hence the clenched fists.


Went to cinema this afternoon to see the documentary "Hockney"
What an artist David Hockney is.

Still working well into his 70s

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