Tuesday 23 December 2014


My H0 scale public convenience arrived from Germany today.

Unfortunately, it's a bloody kit. Jeeves?

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The May 2013 podcast from Optimo on Rinse FM
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Last night's dinner:

Lamb shank plus veg.
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And now I have nothing to read.

So maybe I should get cracking on this:

Drumming Practice Update:

My plan for a systematic scheme of daily drumming practice leading to a gradual gradient of mastery has not materialised in an entirely straight forward fashion.

Exercise 1 is a pattern of accents and ghost notes:

Exercise 2 is what is known as a double stroke roll:

Yesterday, I went backwards as far as the double stroke roll was concerned but charged onwards and upwards with Exercise 1.

Today was the other way round. I managed 160 BPM with Exercise 1, but felt my left hand to be like a foreign limb throughout. I was being generous/slack awarding myself  the accolade of 160 BPM.

                   Thursday         Friday           Saturday     Sunday        Monday      Today

Exercise 1:   90 BPM         115 BPM        130 BPM       145PBM     160 BPM      160 BPM

Exercise 2:   130 BPM        135 BPM        145 BPM       155BPM     140 BPM      150 BPM

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