Monday 29 December 2014

Review of 2014 - Part 3

Model Railway Stuff from 2014.

Section 1: Installing lights

Devised this simple wooden cradle which was inserted from underneath the baseboard through two drilled holes outside the hotel entrance

Constructed an even more complicated cradle which worked on the same principle.

Tried a different approach for the row of lights outside the station front.

Also installed some Viessmann Lights.

Also used Electro-luminescent wire.

Stained Glass windows

Section 2:  Printing off images from the internet to add to the scenery.

The idea is to print the images in a size reduced to H0 scale eg this Noilly Prat advertisement.

Or this Restaurant logo.

But mainly I used the method to create groups of people.

Section 3: Using Lego.

I was never keen on Lego as a child - I hated the fact that flat surfaces were always covered with those little nobules. However, I have to say that Lego has made quite a contribution to my layout this year, despite the nobules. 

Images on the internet like this one were the impetus to my trying Lego.

Tried different mixes of bricks for a backing to the ceramic theatre facade.

Mad experiment.

Settled on black and white and am really pleased with the result.
Another success story.

As was the roof to this building.

Section 4: Purchases.

Figures - from Germany

Vehicles from Germany

Buses from France

Street furniture from Germany.

Tin plate aeroplane from Madagascar

Card cut and fold buildings from France.

Jouef Train from France

Obelisk from Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow.

JEP Locomotive from France via Canada

The real thing

An 0 scale JEP train set I saw for sale in France this year.

Section 5: Various views of the diorama

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