Saturday 6 December 2014

Newspaper as an art and craft material.

In the past, I've pondered the use of cut-out sections of newsprint for creating HO scale scenery on my layout.

eg I once cut out different shapes from well known French newspapers to cover the flat roof of one of my buildings.

Flat roof

Montage of cuttings

In position
That was over a year ago; and I  abandoned the approach and built a roof from Lego bricks instead.

However the idea is still valid. Here is a charming little tinplate aeroplane I bought in France this year.

The printed word appears all over its shell - presumably from the re-cycled food cans from which it's made.

So, I tried the newspaper approach again, this time in order to cover the wooden strips in front of the Gare du Nord.

Could be OK. I'll return to it tomorrow.
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The Optimo podcast on Fabriclive that I've had almost on a loop for the last 10 days or so.

One half of  Optimo.
The same half at work.
Last night's dinner:

Outstanding supermarket chicken curry
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Reading these two books in tandem - each cost less than £3 to download to my Kindle.

Drumming practice update:

Everyone (except me) agreed that this morning's Samba drumming session was excellent.

I still seem unable to transfer all the techniques that I practise at home from there to the rehearsal setting.

Maybe I'm being hyper-self-critical.

It could be a form of nerves (something that I don't suffer from when actually performing in front of an audience) or simply that the tempo of the pieces is higher at rehearsal; most probably a mixture of the two.

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