Friday 5 December 2014

Pavement ruminations

Turning my mind to how to pave the area in front of the Gare du Nord ie how to cover the 2 strips of wood that run in front of it.

Layout is looking a bit of a mess at present.

The wooden strips to be "paved"
 There are already various kinds of pavement around the layout.

Green paint with black outline.

Pale green paint with pencilled in paving stones.

Silver paint with pencilled outlines for paving stones.

Brown paint with black felt tip pen marking out the slabs

The mosaic covering the platforms.
Whatever I choose to do, it must colour-coordinate with the ceramic facade of the Gare du Nord.

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Also excellent.
Drumming practice update:

Very much a day of training the muscle memory in the hope of forming a firm foundation for proficient and musical drumming.

Followed by some purely left hand practice.

I look a bit like:

Ian Curtis of Joy Dicsion

The reasoning behind the purely left hand practice is that the tendencies to rotate the left wrist and also to release the stick from the grip as soon as the upward motion begins are both so ingrained that I can only override them by directing 100% of my concentration on so overriding them; and that means using only the left hand.

Miscellany 1:

Cycled into the Yorkhill area of Glasgow to get my hair cut.

Getting increasingly worried about the size of my head.

Miscellany 2:

At last beginning to make some progress on understanding what Logical Derivation is all about.

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