Thursday 11 December 2014

Grilles en fer forgé

I've decided to erect railings in front of some buildings on the layout - for various aesthetic reasons.

Thought I'd stand more chance of finding some for sale on the web if I Googled the search in French.

Iron railings seems to translate as: grilles en fer forge.

Found an HO scale set by the German model manufacturer, Noch and also found a UK distributor: Gaugemaster, so ordered them.

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Turbot, rice, carrots and artichokes
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Very enjoyable.

I've always been baffled by people who elect to undergo surgery eg for cosmetic reasons, or worse, for a sex change operation.

That feeling of bafflement has not dissipated while I've been reading this brilliant book by Henry Marsh.

Drumming practice update:

For the second day running I've enjoyed a feeling of elation: I now know what I'm doing with my drum sticks.

Hitherto, every time I picked up the sticks at the beginning either of a practice session or at say a group rehearsal, I experienced a deep uncertainty, at the kinaesthenic level, as to the detailed nature of the grip.

I would then spend the entire session adjusting the grip in minor ways, never sure which adjustment was correct or indeed which adjustment felt right.

I found this gap in my knowledge extremely depressing.

But yesterday I seemed to have found the answer.

The answer manifests itself  thus: I now know where the sticks actually are in my hands, hitherto I had only a vague sense of their position.

This knowledge has boosted my self-confidence hugely. I believe that I now have a proper basis to move on and improve. Hitherto I did not know where I was and so could not gauge or monitor any improvements; an improvement could equally have been a deterioration; I had no way of gauging it.

A drummer's nightmare.

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