Wednesday 3 December 2014

SNCF Society

Latest edition of the SNCF Society magazine arrived through the letterbox along with the renewal form for subscriptions. This is a subscription which is a pleasure to pay - and by PayPal too.

Front cover

Back cover
Ah! Those were the days.

Read it during lunch
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Last night's dinner:

By mistake - gluten-free spaghetti - couldn't tell the difference.
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Africa - the magazine of St Patrick's Missions
Drumming practice update:

Last night's Tuesday  Samba drumming session was prefaced by an email announcing an end-of-term performance - a bit like a school show. It'll take place late at night in a couple of weeks time on the south side of Glasgow.

We have to wear black trousers with a yellow/blue/green (Brazilian colours) shirt.

Surprisingly, I already have such a shirt which I have always been too embarrassed to wear - now's my chance.

From a distance blue and yellow looks like green
Spent the day trying to master the leg mounted drumming pad. With my right hand I can readily produce a pleasant pinging sound. With my left it is either a clunk or a thud.

Thus the pad acts as a monitor or test-bed for me to develop control over my left hand.

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