Sunday 7 December 2014

Screwing down the pavements

Drove up to local DIY superstore and purchased the necessary tiny screws to hold in place the wooden pavements in front of the Gare du Nord.

Resisted the temptation to make any other purchases while there.

Checked that lights were still functioning in case I'd drilled through a wire!
Currently listening to:

Recorded 1970/71
For all sorts of reasons, I would choose this as one of my 8 songs for the "Desert Island Discs" challenge.

Last night's dinner:

Red Mullet

Cabbage in cheese sauce

Cooking tip: several weeks ago my wife put into the freezer the unused half of a cabbage; the first time we'd ever tried freezing raw vegetables.

What a success! For some reason, on cooking, the cabbage did not shrink to nothing and the individual leaves kept their physical structure and flavour

Currently reading:

Still enjoying.

Drumming practice update:

Divided my practice hour today between simply using my left hand and then using both hands to rehearse a pattern which is used in both my Tuesday night and Saturday morning classes.

Much as I'd like to perfect the use of my left hand, the reality is that to keep my place in the classes I've got to keep playing the prescribed patterns, no matter how inelegantly.


Off to GFT this evening to see a film part of whose soundtrack has been provided by my drum tutor's band, Golden Teacher.

Quote from the blurb: "With a stellar soundtrack from Welsh pop-enigma Cate Le Bon, Mogwai's Barry Burns, voodoo ravers Golden Teacher, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra."

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