Tuesday 9 December 2014

Judee Sill

Made a card template for experimenting with differently coloured pavement effects for the front of the Gare du Nord.

I think I might have to re-paint the road in front of the station as well.

Currently listening to:

On a little C90 audio cassette,  that I'd  recorded back in the early 1970s, from BBC Radio 1, there is a most remarkable live performance.

It is from the long since deceased singer-songwriter, Judee Sill.

Last night on TV there was an archive recording of her singing, "The Kiss".

I was amazed that such footage existed and even more amazed when I discovered this afternoon that the same concert I'd recorded on cassette is now available from iTunes.

Naturally I downloaded it.

Great performances with inspiring introductions given by Judee Sill before each unique song.

Here is the link to that TV performance.


And here is the link to a Wikipedia article about her.


Judee Sill was a genuinely spiritual songwriter and performer - Christianity at it's most wonderful, relevant  and powerful.
Last night's dinner:


Eel in tomato sauce plus rice - outstanding.
Currently reading:

This book gets better and better.

The conclusion I draw from this book - other than 'stay away from operating tables' - is that there are a trillion little symptoms  that the human body can display and any one of them could be serious or trivial.

Drumming practice update:

Really illuminating and satisfying session with my regular drum tutor this morning. Basically, I grasped for the first time the significance of a particular syncopated rhythm that you only really find in the Samba genre.


  1. When the photo of the fish came into view I thought to myself what on earth is that, surely not and it was ..........I can't be in the same room as them, I do believe they are tasty but pass please for me!

    1. Just like any white fish - utterly uncontroversial.

  2. I just can't look at them in water, I have a terrible, possibly unfounded loathing of them, anything long and slithery is taboo, give me a spider etc anyday, though I don't think they would be so tasty, maybe apply for a bushtucker trial.

  3. I'm lucky that way; there is no accounting for taste.