Monday 22 December 2014

Did something.

Took a 7B pencil:

A 7B pencil
And shaded in the roof and crudely drew in some window frames on the paper shell that forms the back of the building that runs along the side of the station platforms.

From a distance, it doesn't look as if I've drawn anything on the paper at all.

Currently listening to:

BBC Radio 4, and Desert Island Discs with guest the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Overall, a pretty boring programme, I must say.

But, Justin Welby's Faith shone through.

In answer to a question about the death of one of his children in a car crash he referred to the uncertainties of life:

"The only certainty in life is Christ."

That sums up my Faith too.

Last night's dinner:

Grabbed a couple of rolls and links sausage on my way out to work.

Very similar to this.
Currently reading:


As Bond.
Drumming Practice Update:

                          Thursday               Friday             Saturday     Sunday     Today

Exercise 1:        90 BPM                 115 BPM        130 BPM       145PBM     160 BPM

Exercise 2:        130 BPM                135 BPM        145 BPM       155BPM     140 BPM

Forging ahead with Exercise 1, but for some reason, my left hand was shaking doing Exercise 2. I began the session at 155 BPM then dropped to 150 BPM - hopeless. In the end I went down to 130 BPM and eventually managed 5 continuous minutes at 140 BPM (kind-of).

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