Sunday 28 December 2014

Review of 2014 - Part 2

Many excellent meals consumed during 2014.

Section 1:  Aperitifs

Pineau des Charentes that we brought back from the Island of Oleron

A more basic Pineau.

But, this year's aperitif was Kir Cassis.

A fairly strong alcoholic syrup called Creme de Cassis

Topped up with white wine.
How it looks in France

And again in France.

Marks and Spencer sell a bottle.

Bought this one in Edinburgh.

The classic version from Dijon.

Purchased some excellent French wines from Lidl this year.

Section 2: Cheapo food and take-aways

Supermarket curry.

Forfar Bridie and beans.

Another supermarket curry.

Roll and sausage

Take-away Chicken Chow Mein

Bag of chips in the car plus Vimto.

Liver and pesto

No idea!!!

Liver and pesto again

Supermarket curry again.

Take-away sweet and sour chicken - superb.

Black pudding and fried eggs

Liver and cous cous

Section 3: Meals cooked at home

Red Mullet


Pheasant and roasted beetroot

Cabbage that was frozen on purchase, and subsequently served with cheese sauce. Will continue with the practice of freezing cabbage. Once defrosted it retains a real structure throughout the cooking process.

Fish stew.


Hake and artichokes

The motto of the advice in this book should be "simplicity is all."

A meal from the Freud book.

Lost count of the number of  Rollmop herrings I consumed in 2014.



Quail - see below for result.

Quail in raisins

Halibut - I think, plus sweet potatoes

The omnipresent circle of Teflon sheeting when frying anything.

John Dorey was a frequent visitor to our kitchen in 2014.

A Pork dish from the "Cook" frozen food shops.

Ox tail

Turbot plus healthy pulses plus avocado


Fish stew.

Section 4: Some meals consumed in French Restaurants in 2014.

Foie gras

Lamprey Eel

Foie gras

Good old Pain aux raisins

Section 5: Favourite Glasgow Restaurants

O Sole Mio in Bath Street - very good value.
Shenaz Indian Restaurant, Granville Street Glasgow - been going there for over 40 years.

Piatto Verde, Edinburgh

Wee Lochan, Crow Road.

The good old Counting House - always with the boys from JMS.

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