Monday 15 December 2014

Patrick Gazel - H0 scale buildings for model railways

Following on from yesterday and the day before, here is some information about another French manufacturer of model buildings for railways.

Patrick Gazel

These are made, not of card, but of plaster mouldings. They come unpainted or painted but I'm not sure whether they have to be assembled - my French isn't good enough to work that out.

Have a look at the website:

Unpainted  - 73 euros
Painted - 95 euros
A small sample of the models available:

These are demi-facade ie to be backed against a wall of some kind.

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Drumming practice update:

An hour on this this morning.
I'm using the drum pad to increase my dynamic control over the left hand stick. Unless one uses fine control on the drum pad, the stick clunks as opposed to pings. I'm hoping that if I can master the vicissitudes of the drum pad then the psycho-motor lessons learned will be transferable to the more forgiving Caixa drum skin.


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