Friday 19 December 2014

Paris Metro

While I'm still thinking street furniture thoughts, it occurs to me that there is no evidence on my layout of the existence of the Paris Metro.


Did a quick search of the internet and could only find this:

I'll have another look tomorrow.


Also, it occurred to me today that my city diorama is all on one level ie it is flat. Most cities have their buildings on different elevations.


These two pictures are from an impressive blog by Francis Pichon:

Not sure how I can introduce such a variety of levels into my layout. I should have planned for this from the beginning, but it never occurred to me.

My flat layout.
Reeves and Mortimer "Are you calling me flat?"

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Last night's dinner:

Eel in tomato sauce

Cabbage in cheese sauce.
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A couple of weeks ago, things ground to a halt with my online Logic course. A) I couldn't understand derivations and rules of inference and B) I couldn't understand their significance.

Today, I pulled this book down from the shelves.

It's a "Programmed Course" and pages look like this: sub-divided into little atoms of learning objectives. Each atomic objective is followed by an atomic question whose answer is given below the black line. One then proceeds in a linear fashion through the book absorbing atom after atom of knowledge.

These books were all the rage in the 1970s.

Drumming practice update:

Another technical matter that I'll have to deal with is this: my left hand has a tendency to curl while playing.


Correct grip

Regarding yesterday's plan for practice over the next few weeks.

Exercise 1:  Started at 90 BPM and then successfully increased the tempo in 10 minute sections by 5 BPM at a time until comfortably performing the exercise at 115 BPM.

Tomorrow I'll start at 115 BPM.

Exercise 2: Started at 130 BPM as planned. I think I'll reduce the 10 minute sections to 5 minutes.

Tomorrow I'll start at 135 BPM and increase by 5 BPM in 5 minute sections.


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