Wednesday 31 December 2014

Review of 2014 - Part 5.


Section 1: Books enjoyed this year

The first point to make is that this was the year of the Kindle!

Much used on holiday in France

Six books stand out in a year of mainly memoirs:

Book of the year for me!

But I also thoroughly enjoyed the following:

And a few novels:

Re-read this one

Read this one every year!
Plus my 2 monthly subscription magazines:

And some philosophy:

Online Logic course

My Kindle came into its own because I now have access to the Daily Mass Readings of the world wide Roman Catholic Church.

Section 2: Films at the Cinema

Standing like a giant above all other films was this re-showing of Mulholland Drive at the GFT in Glasgow.


The rest were mostly American and mostly seen at the beginning of the year.

Then last month I saw this excellent German film.

And a film documentary about the life and work of David Hockney.

Section 3: Visits to the Theatre.

Section 4: Musical performances

P J Proby at the Royal Concert Hall

Andy Fairweather-Low At Biggar Village Hall

Graham Gouldman

Graham Gouldman at the Oran Mor

Golden Teacher at the Oran Mor

Section 5: Music listened to in 2014

My listening in 2014 was dominated by electronic music associated with either the Optimo Record Label or the Optimo podcasts on Rinse FM.

For the many folk of my age group who still miss John Peel, Optimo are more than worthy successors.

Definitely the year of Optimo.

Optimo from Glasgow

They always seem such happy chaps

The Internet radio station that broadcast their programmes

Music I came to through Optimo.

Chris Carter

African music mixed by UK DJs

Huntleys and Palmer record label

Golden Teacher from Glasgow

Michele Mininni from Italy

General Ludd from Glasgow

Yet more African stuff

Amadou and Mariam

Golden Teacher mixes.

Golden Teacher again, since my drumming tutor is their percussionist.

Uwe Schmidt

Golden Teacher

Aunti Flo from Glasgow

Leisure Muffin from Canada

Paradise Bangkok Collective

Dissolving Dancefloor from Glasgow

Internet version of iTunes

Anne Clark - performance poet

Factory Floor

Also listened to a fair amount of Bossa Nova since it has the same rhythms as Samba music.

Luiz Bonfa

Nara Leao

Old favourites that I still dipped into in between listening to Optimo.


Christine Schaffer - beautiful voice

Die Winterreise

Pop Music

Hot Chip

Judee Sill
Joni Mitchell

Jesus and Mary Chain



Aphex Twin

Other stuff.
Welsh Male Voice Choirs

Hoagy Carmichael

Section 6: DVDs

Watched more or less no TV this year except the comedy panel game "Would I lie to You?"

Four Box sets of DVDs were dipped into on a frequent basis.

The League of Gentlemen

The Likely Lads

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